Jaguar D Type original Water Colour Painting.

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Original Water Colour Painting by Alan Sanderson of the famous Jaguar D Type 207RW, beautiful detail, signed by the artist, below are brief interesting facts about the car. Post and packing £3.50.

The D Type like its predecessor the C Type was a purpose built racing car, sharing its XK straight six engine with the C type. Initially fitted with a 3442cc engine uprated to 3781cc in the late 1950's. Advances from the C type include the introduction of Dunlop disc brakes, a monocoque chassis, and aerodynamic design. The body is constructed from aluminium alloy sheets, an aluminium tubed sub-frame and fuel was carried in deformable bags inside cells within the monocoque. The body was designed by Malcolm Sayer. Drag was reduced by tidying the under-body and a large vertical fin on the tail added to increase aerodynamic stability. From 1955 the factory cars were fitted with a longer nose to increase top speed, particularly on the Le Mans Mulsanne straight.

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