Austin A95 Westminster.

The Westminster was a great drivers car in period,a jounalist commented in a magazine in January 1958,that the A95 was improved out of sight over its predecessor the A90," it goes better,handles better,stops better and is a roomier more comfortable car to travel in ".The front end had been restyled,not greatly but the noticable feature was the revamped sleeker style,the tail now sweeped gracefully down in a fasion most pleasing to the eye.The caption used in advertising in 1958 interestingly was "Long racy lines,dashing side flashes,make the Austin *Westminster*one of the best looking cars ever built by Austin,has power of pace too,make no mistake".Well i trust who ever buys this lovely example which has been preserved so well by its former owners,wont be testing the speed and 50s road holding but enjoying one of the finest original examples.Finished in Tweed Grey with a Old English White stripe and Emerald Green Leather.All the switch gear is in lovely condition,the car is standard except for a Stainless steel exhaust which is a sensible upgrade.The Wetminster still has its original chrome hub caps with crossply tyres to the front and radials to the rear,often seen in the 60/70s,perhaps you will want to fit radials all around.The underbonnet just requires cleaning,the original boot mat is still in place and the Factory tools are still on the top of the fuel tank where they were traditionaly carried.You may have noticed the lovely period Headlights,correct Wing mirrors and BMC sticker on the front windscreen.

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