Alfa-romeo Duetto Series 1 Spider

What a spectacular little car,comments made in period included,Sleek,Sexy and definatly Italian.Pininfarina realy broke new ground with this car,this is the Series 1 Spider,powered by the 1570cc Alfa twin cam engine which produces 109 bhp.The car is equipped with four wheel disc brakes,lovely dash board with period instruments.So rare are these cars in right hand drive form you would be hard pressed to find another one for sale.There is a register for them now, .The Spider series 1 has you will notice the glass covered head lights.The Spider was little known in Britain untill the arrival of the film " The Graduate "the car appeared in this iconic film,three were in fact used during filming.The memorable soundtracks used in the film included Simon and Garfunkels " Sound of Silence,Scarborough Fair and of course Mrs,Robinson ",perfect Spider music!!A DVD copy of the film will be included in the sale,if you cannot wait visit and follow the link.

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