Triumph Stag Automatic.

The Stag has been professionaly extensivly restored,the major works having been completed in the last 18 months or so.The car has been re-painted to a very high standard,New mohair hood but retains its original very nice Black interior,new quality Black Wool carpets have been fitted.The Engine was sourced through the Stag owners club,it was brand new in its original crate,never used or fitted,but to make sure this unit would give perfect service it was taken to an engineering company,stripped and re-built using all the latest gaskets etc just to make sure.The Stag was then fitted with the multi core high capacity radiator and the recommended air scoop,i have taken the car for a 150 mile trip in our new found sun-shine,the car performed perfectly holding 75 lbs oil pressure and perfect water temperature,you can take this car continental crusing,no problem.The gearbox has also been stripped and re-built,the Axel has also been re-built and fitted with a high ratio crown wheel and pinion.The suspension has also been re-bushed and replaced where necessary as has the braking system.Other items,starter motor,steering rack,alternator etc have also been replaced.The car has cost in excess of 25000 to date,i have a detailed list of all these works,i will be pleased to go through every item,just telephone.The Stag also has a wind deflector kit.Without doubt the best Stag you will have driven,dare i say better than new!.The Stag also benefits from Historic Road tax ( free ).

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