Austin A90 Atlantic Sports Saloon.

Just after the second world war, the Austin Motor Company commissioned the renowned car designer Dick Burzi, to spearhead a design that would appeal to the American Car Market, potentially the dollar would give Britain a huge financial boost. The new car was named the Austin A 90 Atlantic. In 1949 the Austin Motor Company embarked on a journey to America to the Indianapolis Motor Race Circuit, this was to be a huge publicity stunt, which ended in both success and failure. The success was the fact that the Atlantic broke no less than 63 speed records, this was confirmed by the American Automobile Association. Despite this triumph, the Atlantic was a complete flop and only sold 350 units in America. The Atlantic Sports Saloon was launched at the Earlscourt Motor Show in September 1949, its Glitzy appearance stunned the public and critics alike. The car was a sight to see, and if you were lucky enough to buy one, to be seen in. This particular car has history dating back to 1955 in its colossal history file, far too much to list here. Finished in Romney Blue with Grey Leather interior and unique original door cards which have survived with the AF embossed logo in the centre. The Atlantic had a speedometer change in 1956 at 19000 miles, the speedometer reading is now 35077, supporting anecdotal and documented evidence confirm this as the cars total mileage covered. The Atlantic came to light after being tucked away in a garage for some 30 years, the car restoration process took some 3 years ( there is a lovely photografic record with detailed analasis ). The Atlantic made its first appearance to the public in 1991, when the car was invited to a owners car rally held at the prestigious premises of the Patrick Collection at Kings Norton where the Atlantic stole the limelight. The Atlantic changed hands some six years ago and during this period of ownership the car has been lavished with professional care and maintenance, invoices totalling over £13000 reflect this. A detailed account of these is available to any interested parties. The Atlantic is an absolute honey pot of curiosity when it comes to the Classic Car Shows, with its perfectly proportioned three piece front and rear windscreens, the rear windscreen actually slides up and down. The Atlantic is a car that will suit a enthusiast or collector whom longs for a flamboyant classic car. The Atlantic has now achieved cult status both in the UK and even in America where the car initialy flopped. One thing remains certain, the likes of the Austin A 90 Atlantic were never to re appear, it will always be unique and have a special place in the history of British car production.

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